Sunday, May 1, 2011

NATO Air Strike Kills Moammar Gadhafi's Son

Early Sunday, an air strike on Moammar Gadhafi's son supposedly ended in death.

According to Ibrahim, NATO targeted the son's home after learning that Gadhafi himself was there visiting with his wife. The air strike somehow missed Gadhafi, but killed his youngest son and three of hi grandchildren.

NATO denies targeting the house and "regrets all loss of life."

Shortly after the air strike, world media was ushered in by Libyan officials to cover the story. When journalist got to the home, everything was cleaned up and no sign of death remained. This lead to skepticism about the truth behind the claims of death.

However, other sources are skeptical about NATO's claim to not have been targeting Gadhafi.

No matter which may be the truth, the regime in Libya is greatly angered and has vowed to retaliate with death to "invaders" in the nation.

Way to go NATO.

1. What do you think of this war?
2. What about Gahafi? Does he need to die?
3. Think this is a lie on NATO's part or on the Libyan Regimes part?


Pentele said...

They regret all loss of life... in a missile attack. How ridiculous.
1. What do you think of this war?
It's sad but necessary, they could have assassinated him quickly though.
2. What about Gahafi? Does he need to die?
See question 1.
3. Think this is a lie on NATO's part or on the Libyan Regimes part?
They both lie.

ed said...

1. war sucks
2. dont know he is
3. both maybe?

Wintermute said...

1. war is pointless
2. who doesn't deserve to die?
3. both.

Kicking Rocks said...

1. dont care, just keep it over there.
2. he needs to stfu!!!
3. probably... Elvis LIVES!

Pappa Püllï said...

Bad! The fuel prices are ridicilous high :(
Kill him already!
Libyan, but a small part from NATO.

CandleintheDark said...

This is definitely an interesting turn of events

Danny Murphy said...

1. I'm not a big fan of getting involved in wars that don't really concern us, it was a civil war we should have just let them sort it out.

2. Now that we are involved me might as well to it properly, we should kill him as soon as possible

3. Both probably

Jacob said...

1. Im anti-war ... not a big fan of this one either
2. Nope, just step down
3. yap

HaigoR said...

1. Dude, war is always pointless.
2. No one really deserves to die.
3. probably both

Anonymous said...

1. This war is needed. The libyans would get slaughtered by their "leader".
2. He doesn't deserve to die, but he sure has it coming.
3. If it's a lie then on libyas part. the nato wouldnt really care.

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