Thursday, May 5, 2011

More On Sony: Hacker Group Anonymous Denies Affiliation With Most Recent Attack

According to Sony, a file named "Anonymous" with the sentence "We Are Legion" contained within was discovered on Sony servers Sunday during a deep investigation of the most recent hack that brought PSN crashing down.

Sony wants to blame hacker group Anonymous for the attack but the group claims no affiliation with the attack. While the group organized and conducted a distributed denial of service attack (DDoS) on Sony's Playstation Network servers days before the high profile break in was discovered, the group still claims that the had nothing to do with the attack and intrustion that compromised over 70 million users personal data.

The group posted a letter stating that "While we are a distributed and decentralized group, our 'leadership' does not condone credit card theft" and "If a legitimate and honest investigation is conducted, Anonymous will not be found liable."

It is possible that the DDoS attack that was conducted by Anonymous provided cover for the true hackers, who performed a well-thought out and organized attack leading to the theft of millions of users credit card information.

In my opinion, I think that Anonymous had nothing to do with it. The true hackers saw a window, pulled off the unthinkable very swiftly and smoothly then planted a file pointing back at Anonymous during their get away.

1. Are you getting antsy about the still down PSN?
2. Who do you think it was? Anonymous or another group?
3. Isn't Anonymous too unorganized to do something like this?


ed said...

1. dont care much
2. another group
3. not really

Wintermute said...

2.another group
3.anonymous isnt anything anymore

mmmpieohyeah said...

1. don't care, lol, I use xbox live
2. anonymous isn't an organization, nor is it a person. All the members that compose it do not have the same ideals, and do not seek coordination with each other, therefore It's difficult to tell. Maybe it was a member acting alone.
3. No, anonymous is perfectly capable of doing stuff like this and even more complex.

ds said...

1. a little yeah
2. another group
3. can't really tell, maybe or maybe not

Kicking Rocks said...

1. bothered me a little that i couldn't download the latest demos to my psp.
2. it was al qaeda
3. yep they are /b/

Blog Hunt said...

Haha so obvious it was them!

Same as DS btw!

Jacob said...

1. Nope
2. Not anon! Some people try and blame Anon, I mean, who´s gonna defend them?
3. nope

Danny Murphy said...

1. I have a 360 so don't really care

2. another group

3. No, I don't think so

Alex S. said...

I don't believe anynomous had anything to do with this. Otherwise, I'm sure they'd be bragging but this really wasn't their style.

1. Absolutely - I'm sure they're losing millions
2. Different people
3. Not at all

Armenia the Finest said...

1. Sold my ps3 a while back, so no
2. Probably another group
3. No, anything can be done if you put your mind to it.

hoaks2 said...

1. Just so I can play Portal 2 online...
2. Dunno. Could have been part of them, no way to know.
3. Yeah. It wouldn't be anything official. Just maybe somebody who claims they are part of Anonymous, but not in keeping with the groups general policies.

Alphabeta said...

1. Not affected
2. Probably a sub group or an entirely different group which planted the 'red herring' to throw the scent.
3. Couldn't say.

J. Reaper said...

1. Yeah, mostly because I just got Rockband 3 and my friend is giving me all the songs he's downloaded which is like a million.
2. I'm not really sure. If it is anonymous...that was really stupid of them. I don't see what they would have to gain unless it was just a bunch of xbox fanboys (And I like xbox, I just mean people who bother with console war garbage) who wanted to annoy PS3 users.
3. It depends. I don't think they would bother with something like this. And I'm sure someone would have noticed if they were planning something and ratted them out way in advance. It COULD just be some people who frequent the site and as such are lumped in with them. But who knows?

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