Thursday, April 7, 2011

Texting From Desktop via Wifi or USB: Multitasking Triumph

Imagine being a complete master of multitasking. You have your tabbed browsing, bluetooth headset(well maybe not), and anything else that allows you to do a millions things at once. You're in the zone; doing homework, playing COD, surfing the web, writing a book, riding a bear, and then...beep beep, you get a text message and everything comes to a screeching halt so you can look away from your desktop to answer the text.

Well fear that no longer!

Texdro is an app that allows you to connect your Android device and computer wirelessly.

On your phone you get a simple app that allows you to turn the feature on and off. On your desktop you get a contacts list and a whole list of settings allowing you to change notifications, etc.

Now, I'm sure many of you already have seen, have, use, or have used apps that allow you to text through your phone from your desktop. I'm also sure that many have not even thought of the idea. So this is to those of you who are looking to take your multitasking skills to a whole 'notha level.

App can be found at The app is free but the developer also offers a paid version with more features.

Also, tried as I might I could not find a similar app that works for the iPhone. Sorry guys. :(

1. Any of you use this heavenly app?
2. Do you know of any others like it?
3. Would you like to see more app reviews? (both Android and iPhone)
4. Have you ever met a leprechaun?


Wintermute said...

1-2. nope
4. yes i have, hes in my pants

Anonymous said...

1. Nope. I'm an iFag.
2. I did VNC into my iPhone once. That was fun.
3. Yes please.
4. ...not that I'd tell you where his gold is, or anything. :)

Corridor said...

1. Nope, No Androids over here :( sadly
2. Uh.
3. Of course
4. I-it's a secret!

gman said...

i like it. I can't be stuffed using it though :P
And no i haven't met a leprechaun, unless he is masqyerding as one of my irish drinking buddies...

Insider33 said...

1. No
2. Nope
3. I would like to see more iPhone app reviews
4. People don't know this, but he actually poops gold.

pezasied said...

1. Nope
2. No
3. Yes please! iPhone preferably
4. Not yet, I hope to one da

Joe said...

Yes please.
Nope they hate me.

mikkello said...

1. no
2. Yes, my friend
3. yes, android
4. nope, haha

Patres said...

Don't have an android but it seems like a good idea.
Also I eat leprechauns so I don't know if that qualifies as meeting them.

NHM said...

very useful :)

mac-and-me said...

1. no
2. no
3. yes (iphone)
4. maybe

Niek said...

1. Any of you use this heavenly app?
2. Do you know of any others like it?
3. Would you like to see more app reviews? (both Android and iPhone)
4. Have you ever met a leprechaun?

1. not yet
2. Nope
3. Ofcourse
4. yea

benchmark said...

Sigh. I need to upgrade my phone first. Sounds like a great app, though.

Erika said...

Wow, that's pretty freakin' cool. Though it's not something I actually need.

I really need to work on my multi-tasking now that I mention it. I seem to get too focused in one particular activity.

Lemmiwinks said...

yes, no, maybe

duffboi said...

This sounds really kewl. Is there anything in the blackberry market for this?

Endless said...

iOS user here...

Clueless Dolphin said...

nice! great tips

Leestander said...

Thanks! yeah working at the layout.. hehe.. ya the tabs was needed i had them at the right side before and no one did se them

i had textro befor, but can you see the mobile screen in the computer now? or did i mitt that? gr8 post

TheMonopolyGuy said...

1. Any of you use this heavenly app? no
2. Do you know of any others like it? no
3. Would you like to see more app reviews? (both Android and iPhone) android yes
4. Have you ever met a leprechaun? no only lepra patients

Joe said...

1. Any of you use this heavenly app?
-I dont have a smartphone D:
2. Do you know of any others like it?
-Yes, Ive used computer-based texting apps before
3. Would you like to see more app reviews? (both Android and iPhone)
-Very much yes!
4. Have you ever met a leprechaun?
-I once saw one up in a tree in Alabama. i drew a picture and put it on the local news.

BORIS said...

3.Hell yea
4.i'm waiting

VersionDouble said...

nice post, i love to see whats going on with other phones, but im a blackberry man myself!

King Elysium said...

1. No :( I have a blackberry storm 2
2. nope
3. Sure why not, some for an itouch pl0x?
4. i wish

Stare Dad said...

1-2 not really
3 yes plz!

SOMS said...

1. I will because it's genius.
2. Same app diff hardware.
3. Of course it's useful stuff
4. Do u know "Lucky" from the Boston Celtics!? (Mascot)

POP! said...

Wooo, I'll be using this app soon now :)

ed said...

no no yes yes

Trelin said...

not yet

got any apps that can text for free from a pc without using a phone?

Danny Murphy said...

1. Not heard of it before but will now.

2. No

3. Yeah

4. I'm Irish so I meet them on a daily basis.

izzfoshizzz said...

thats acctually really sick.
1. no
2. no
3. yeah
4. no

ExoticBlogger said...


Grafted said...
4.Once, but I was drunk. It coulda just been a short guy

Anonymous said...

1. No
2. First time hearing about it
3. That would be cool
4. St. Patrick's day I saw him everywhere...when i was drunk lol

The Old Master said...

Same as nitefalls!

Wandering said...

Definitely gonna have to try this out. Could make life so much easier. Thanks for puttin it out there!

CandleintheDark said...

1. Never
2. Nope
3. Yes
4. My girlfriend is one

Dazza said...

I wish

Fishy Corporation said...

1. Yep, its awesome.
2. Not really no.
3. Nah, go for PC reviews!
4. Yes, twice.

Megan Hansen said...

That is some really awesome functionality

Jim said...

Whoa I will be checking this out.

Kenzie said...

1. Nope
2. My brothers trying it out now.
3. iPhone :D
4. Chedder.

Jessica Thompson said...

Never tried this app, but I will now!

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