Friday, April 8, 2011

Richard Branson And Google Set Out To Chart The Depths

While reading through a fellow bloggers post, YouTube TV, I came to the conclusion that Google is indeed changing the world in many ways. As you can read in Profusely's post about Google's new endeavor, YouTube TV, they are stepping their worldly presence up a notch.

I decided to see what else Google is diving into and came up with this:

What you see in the picture above is the Virgin Oceanic. It's a deep-water submarine owned by billionaire Richard Branson (the guy who founded Virgin Records, Virgin Galactic and much more. Click the link for his wiki page, he's a pretty interesting guy).

So it looks pretty futuristic, but in all honesty, there is nothing really interesting about some billionaires toy submarine, right?


Branson has just finalized plans to explore the oceans deepest trenches with that bad boy. Before the end of the year he plans to make his first descent into the Mariana Trench, which could swallow Mount Everest whole and is the deepest place on Earth.

What's even more interesting is that Google is teaming up with him and will receive topographical data that has never before been seen. They plan to add these findings to Google Earth, allowing users to explore these trenches from their very own homes.

Sounds pretty boss doesn't it?
I wonder what he's going to discover down there.
It has to be awesome.

See a video teaser of the project after the page break. It's pretty intense.

Don't forget to check out another one of Google's endeavors, YouTube TV. It may very well change how the world watches television.  

1. What do you guys think of this?
2. What do you think he'll discover?
3. Are you looking forward to the finding?
4. What do you think of hippopotamuses?


Anonymous said...

1. Incredimazing.
2. Branson is the batman.
3. Atlantis? Heck yeah!
4. Or arethey hippopotami?

MuteMath Fan (& news junkie too!) said...

I love how Richard Branson took the space race and literally flipped it "upside down."

1. This is awesome. Do want.
2. Lots of wrecks, large treasure, secret of life
3. Of course.
4. The are large? And stinky.

Moob said...

what a good idea

pezasied said...

1. Pretty sweet
2. Like a billion new species
3. Yes
4. Dangerous

Fred Junxs said...

1. cool.
2. a new way to make a lot of money
3. i dont know
4. They have big mouths.

Claude said...

1. That's damn cool, how I wish I could just casually go down into the deepest trenches of the ocean with my toy submarine.
2. I think he'll find lots of darkness. Not much light down there. Other than that, some more even whackier marine creatures would be awesome.
3. Yes, more deep sea marine creatures would be pretty cool. The animals down there are all awesome looking to adapt to the depth.
4. I don't think they'll find any down there.

Leestander said...

how big are those?

i hope they discover some fish that are made of oil and its poop are some useful energy stuff that we can use..

bill said...

1. great idea
2.a lot of never before seen sealife
4. i like them but they are apparently the worlds most dangerous animal?

mac-and-me said...

1. awesome
2. the abyss
3. you bet
4. maybe as well in the abyss

Mr. Dough said...

1. Sounds like fun.
2. New species, one would hope. Would be a bit of a let down otherwise.
3. Vaguely.
4. *shrugs*

BTN Hip Hop said...

1. interesting
2. probably nothing
3. surething
4. meh

Grafted said...

4.They are hungry, very hungry

ExoticBlogger said...

1. Very cool, go google!
2. Ancient creatures i hope!
3. Yes
4. hungry hungry hippo!

Kicking Rocks said...

they are totally gonna find atlantis!

1. read above
2. above as well lol
3. hell yeah!!
4. they are hip

duffboi said...

This is awesome. I expect he'll discover AT LEAST a couple new life forms. I am definitely interested in the findings. And hippos walk under water and hold their breath for a long time, how cool is that!

SOMS said...

really cool that they use their resources in this way

Banacek said...

This is more interesting than space exploration.

Sam said...

I love Google's crazy projects, it's nice to see companies interested in human progress.

Toto said...

1. awesome
2. Ancient creatures i hope!
3. Yes
4. Dangerous

Clueless Dolphin said...

pretty interesting stuff here, keep it up
too lazy to answer questions lol

J. Reaper said...

That's...insane!!!! Really awesome and it actually made me excited!

1. I'm excited for it!
2. Maybe some undiscovered fish or giant squid or treasure or nothing.
3. Hell yeah!
4. Hip hop...hip hop anonymous?

VersionDouble said...

thats so sick haha. i love stuff like this. mind was blown when google introduce the ocean floor bizzo aswell...

Anonymous said...

1. I think it's amazing
2. They'll discover new species and treasure!
3. I'm stoked about it!
4. I think they are nice fellows haha

CandleintheDark said...

1. I believe he is toying with immense power
2. Death for all humanity...also Cthulu
3. No, because I enjoy my mortal life
4. They taste delicious

Stare Dad said...

1 2 and 3: Google is AWSOME.
4. Meh.

ed said...

1 bananas
2 gold
3 yup
4 reminds me of gamehippo, is that site still around?

Danny Murphy said...

1. Its great, anything that finds out more about our world is great

2. I don't know what they will find but I hope they find out something about the creature that made the Bloop noise.

3. Yeah

4. I went too the zoo but hippopotamuses were nowhere to be seen, not a big fan since they let me down.

Fishy Corporation said...

1. Sounds good, would love to hear more of it though.
2. Nothing most likely
3. Yeah sure its a great thing.
4. I have 3 ones in my room right now.

Trelin said...

1. What do you guys think of this?
2. What do you think he'll discover?
3. Are you looking forward to the finding?
4. What do you think of hippopotamuses?

1. Cool
2. The lost city of atlantis
3. Nah, seen the movies
4. I likes me some waterhorse

Anonymous said...

Hope they chart it all we need to explore all earth.

Nina said...


Dazza said...

1. Its awesome
2. Hopefully Atlantis
3. Yes
4. Can't they like swallow a human whole? If so then they're pretty freakin cool

Rockinrule said...

wow. this is straight out of science fiction.

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