Sunday, April 10, 2011

Funerals Of The Future: Webcams and Woolen Coffins

 Get buried, son.

Traditionally, most of us typically don't think about the end of our lives until, well, the end of our lives. Often times, the deceased have no say in how their funeral is held aside from a few small requests like clothing, open or closed coffin, etc.

After we pass, we don't usually have control over details like who's invited to the funeral, where we're buried, or what kind of coffin we're buried in. Usually that is all organized by the people we leave behind.

Well, now those people have a few more options to consider.

I was reading my local newspaper a few days ago and stumbled across an article about a funeral that was broadcast via webcam to friends and family that couldn't make it to the real deal.

At first I was shocked, how disrespectful right? Well then I thought about it more, and it's actually a pretty damn good idea. In this day and age, we can live far from our loved ones. What if you were from Europe and moved to America, then dropped dead? You couldn't expect that all of your friends and family bought last minute international plane tickets to attend your funeral. So why not let them be there in spirit by letting them watch via Skype?

On another related note, I was browsing through an online magazine I frequently read and stumbled across something even more interesting.

A company in Britain, which provides wool for many different products including the headliners in Rolls-Royce and Bentley automobiles, came up with a brilliant idea. Woolen coffins. (image above)

These coffins are eco-friendly and are quite sturdy. At first I thought it was a joke, but apparently the idea is spreading like wild-fire and the company has reported that it is currently their top selling product.

Pretty odd, huh?

1. How would you feel about having your funeral shown on webcam?
2. How would you feel about being buried in a woolen coffin?
3. Do you like Beetle Juice?


Danny Murphy said...

1. Well I'd be dead so it wouldn't really matter, cant imagine my family would be all that pleased.

2. I plan on getting cremated, the though of being buried in the ground and then waking up terrifies me, so being buried in any kind of coffin is a big no for me.

3. Nah

Mike said...

As weird as it sounds, I would prefer to be cremated. I don't think I'd mind the webcam but I should hope that if I was important in someones life they'd find a way to make it to my funeral.

Claude said...

1. I think it would be a good idea as it would stop relatives from feeling like they have to travel all the way to where my funeral is being held.
2. I think I'd be pretty cool with it, I mean, once I'm dead it doesn't matter does it?
3. The movie? Haven't seen it.

pezasied said...

1. Stick it on my facebook
2. Why not, saves trees.
3. Beetle Juice Beetle Juice Beetle Juice

psyke said...

1. No problem with that. It would be gr8.
2. I'd much rather give out my organs than getting buried.
3. OFC!

TheMonopolyGuy said...

Burying is lame
Cremation is where it's at
Hot 'n spicy

Discovery Underground said...

Same as psyke haha.

Sam: said...

1. Well it's convenient for people who can't make it :)

2. If it's eco-friendly it's probably a good thing

3. Naah :(

Glovey said...

Great post! I hope you keep up this excellent blogging! :)

Wintermute said...

1. never
2. okay
3. yea

Stare Dad said...

It's pretty cool the first both i think. especially the second one so i'm ok.

i love bettlejuice. long time no see. (hah)

BTN Hip Hop said...

1. not bothered
2. im going to be cremated
3. not really

mac-and-me said...

1. dont mind
2. i want to get cremated
3. yes!!

Tibble said...

1 - don't care, I'd be dead
2 - don't care, I'd be dead
3 - Yes!

amBored said...

1.I don't care as well
2.same as first
3.why not

Joe said...

Lol woolen coffins why did i never think of that.

SOMS said...

the webcam thing is a good idea, but should not be the main thing.

2. dont want to think about that

3 Beetle Juice, Beetle Juice, Beetle Juice

duffboi said...

1. no prob with webcam
2. no prob with woolen coffen
3. who doesn't like Beetle Juice?

Schla.mp3 said...

1. i have no problem with that
2. why not
3. it's delicious!

ed said...

no no and NO

Toto said...

1. never
2. okay
3. yea

Tweeks Coffee said...

1do not want

King Elysium said...

1. I wan't a webcame directly in front of my dead face, looking right at me, and them to display the live feed on a 30ft wide screen.
2. Wouldn't it degrade?
3. it creeped me out

PIX said...

no :-)

I love reading your everyday comments, really. You are so kind.
I really had a great tima in florence last weekend, and tomorrow you will se the pohotos of the first day there!

Have a great night :-)

Grafted said...

1. That'd be cool
2. Getting cremated
3. Was going say Beetle Juice 3 times, but someone else already did.

DVNO said...

1. not so much fun
2. don't know
3. i've never tried it

I love your blog :]

Xuian said...

the webcam thing seems cool if that's what you want, I guess. It does strike me as kind of weird as you also said. The wool coffin is funny. It seems completely ridiculous to me. I would wager it costs not only much more money, but much more carbon to produce such a thing. Either way, invest in that company!

Malkavian said...

Interesting, i for one wouldnt want a webcam on my funeral kinda disrespectful because one could be eating and watching a football game instead of paying proper respect.

Kicking Rocks said...

1. it would be convenient
2. sounds comfortable
3. sure

Mr. Dough said...

1. Complete and utter indifference. Funerals are rituals for the living.
2. ^
3. No.

Endless said...

1. I don't care because I'm dead
2. Same
3. YES!!!

Trelin said...

Sure, why not?
whatever's cheapest
The movie? yes

Dazza said...

1. Great idea, I have family all over the world.
2. Not really an issue, Im fine with whatever
3. Yes

taio said...


Moob said...

1. How would you feel about having your funeral shown on webcam?

2. How would you feel about being buried in a woolen coffin?

I guess. I'd rather just be burned
3. Do you like Beetle Juice?


hoaks2 said...

1. I wouldn't care, I would be dead.
2. See answer one.
3. Beetlejuice? Beetlejuice? Beetlejuice.

The Game Store Guy said...

Kind of reminds me about a story from the comedian Christopher Titus about his father's "funeral". It's a bit too long to effectively post, but let's just say "don't spread ashes in the casino". Look it up, funny as crap.

Kanika Bishnoi said...


Brock said...

1. Why not, embrace technology
2. I could get use to the idea
3. Well I like juice if that counts for anything

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