Wednesday, March 30, 2011

1% of Twitter Users Responsible For More Than Half Of Content

I just saw this in my Twitter feed, posted by Times Magazine as a retweet from Techland. Instead of retweeting it myself, I figured I would blog it to all of you!

Maybe if you all followed me on twitter I could retweet it too.
*cough cough* Check the upper right hand corner for my Twitter link. Follow me. *cough*

Whew, okay. Now that that's out of my system on with the post.

According to a Yahoo research team, only about 20,000 individuals, 1 percent of the Twitter user base, are responsible for OVER half of all tweets in the database.

These users are mainly media, celebrities, organizations, and bloggers. That's some pretty insane stuff. I wonder what percentage produces the second half of tweets.

Talk to me:
1. Do you use twitter? How often and in what way?
2. How many times did I use a variation of the word "tweet" in my post?
3. Do you follow huge twitter contributors like media sources and celebrities?
4. Do you like mac & cheese?


Anonymous said...

That's no surprise. I've seen corporates with 100k+ tweets.

1. Too often. Too many ways.
2. I wasn't counting.
3. Some, like mashable, the guardian, etc.
4. I'm not sure if this is a trick question or not?

JuX said...

no surprise. I made an account and have only had 1 tweet. And there are countless others that i know of that just do following and no tweeting.

Leestander said...

1. no not anymore..
2. 2 times? hehe
3, nah horrible website^
4. Linux i like.. ;)

Jennifer Black said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jennifer Black said...

Yeah I can believe that figure, I'm sure I'd be in the top 1% if I could employ somebody to tweet for me. I think that same 1% probably have over half of the worlds wealth as well.

1. no despite insinuating that i did in my reply.
2. 3 i think.
3. I quite often click on "latest" when using google which inevitably leads me to tweets.
4. osx and windows 7???

Axis of Evil said...

That makes sense. There's TONS of account that are just used for spamming, or personal reasons. Unless you're well known, there's no reason to tweet often.

SOMS said...

its an extension of the old media it seems?

Jase said...

Most of us aren't self obsessed?

Kicking Rocks said...

1.I used to but it's lame.

2. Never

3. Eli Roth, because he tweeted one of my Youtube videos.

4. Yes

King Elysium said...

I do not, and will not ever use twitter :P

Jay.CA said...

1) No.
2) N/A.
3) N/A.
4) YES!!!

HaigoR said...

That's a lot of tweeting by celebs and media! but is it really them tweeting or just some paid assistant who can't believe she/he is getting paid to tweet.

im talking to you>
1)ya, not often but i do, to annnoy my friends
2)no clue maybe like 3 times?
3)Nah I dont only because i dont want my phone going off everytime theres a new tweet.
4) I love mac&cheese :)

EmoGoth said...

I use Twitter to talk to meet new business contacts I wouldn't otherwise be able to meet. It's pretty good, but I like email better.

subrand0m said...

1. Yes, Follow people
2. ummmmmmmmmmmmmm...
3. no
4. Hell yea.

Chris Divincenzo said...

I've personally only used twitter to promote my blog, other than that I could care less about it.

Quantum said...

1. No
2. Absolutely no idea, I despise the word
3. Nope
4. Yes I do enjoy good ol' mac n' cheese.

Sam said...

Funny image, and I agree with the numbers..same thing happens with Facebook.

las3R said...

Zzz I don't even have twitter -_- But I do love mac and cheese though ;D

doomsday said...

I feel like living behind the moon because I haven't checked out twitter yet! lawl!

Goregrindmadness said...

1. Nah, i just made an acc, but lost interest in the whole thing pretty quickly
2. dont know.
3. Nop
4. Sure

Michael said...

1. Do you use twitter? How often and in what way? - I've started like yesterday -
2. How many times did I use a variation of the word "tweet" in my post? - 0
3. Do you follow huge twitter contributors like media sources and celebrities? - Yes
4. Do you like mac & cheese? - Sure!

Pappa Püllï said...

I use twitter like 30 times a day and i dont follow big celebs.. Ofcource i like point 4 :)

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